2-in-1 Potent Concealer
2-in-1 Potent Concealer
2-in-1 Potent Concealer
2-in-1 Potent Concealer
2-in-1 Potent Concealer

2-in-1 Potent Concealer

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  2 Concealers in 1 Price! Up to 30 colors can be tuned! Long-lasting, waterproof and looks natural with this concealer! Get 20% off and an Extra Gift Packet now!

Features : -

🍓 Shield Blemishes and Imperfections
This concealer able to hide the imperfections such as flaws, blemishes, and so
 on. Blends perfectly and build tones from sheer to medium coverage, erasing the appearance of scars, acne, dark circles, hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and fine lines!

🍓 Mix and Match Up to 30 Colors
30 colors can be tuned upon the needs and requirements by blending the white and brown concealers together in order to create the color that blend with the skin flawless and perfectly. Conceal the imperfections has never been easier than ever before!

🍓 Natural Tone-up Effect for a Glowing Complexion
It brightens the dull skin and helps to create a beautiful face contour at the same time. Suitable for under the eyes, around the nose and any problem areas. It also boosts luminosity, refines skin tone and moisturizes skin.

🍓 Waterproof and Sweatproof
This concealer has effective waterproof and sweatproof abilities, thus making it very suitable for long-wearing. Say goodbye to cakey makeup! Waterproof and sweatproof formula absorbs oil to achieve a long-lasting result, yet will not cause any discomfort.

🍓 Moisturizing and Hydrating
This 2-in-1 Potent Concealer has highly moisturizing and hydrating formula. It can be quickly absorbed, provide instant and long-term hydration and nourishment all day long, thus preventing dryness.

🍓 It is suitable to wear on any occasions such as wedding, party and so on.


Package Include : -
🍓 2-in-1 Potent Concealer (White)
🍓 2-in-1 Potent Concealer (Brown)
🍓 Gift Packet (Setting Powder, Wooden Sticks, Containers, Makeup Puff)

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