Dermaquick Youth Cream
Dermaquick Youth Cream
Dermaquick Youth Cream
Dermaquick Youth Cream
Dermaquick Youth Cream
Dermaquick Youth Cream

Dermaquick Youth Cream

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Dermaquick Youth Cream brings Youth Look

Get yourself looking younger with this Dermaquick Youth Cream! With 3 main ingredients of treating on tightening the wrinkles around the eyes, you will able to get a quick fix for your saggy eye bags and wrinkles


Pamper yourself with this eye cream to improve the skin condition around your eyes. Say no more to dark eye circles, saggy eye bags, wrinkles! Now you can enjoy a youthful look with our Dermaquick Youth Cream, as eyes are always our first impression on interacting with people. 


2 mins Quick Treatment

It is mainly used for quick treatment of skin lifting around the eyes, provides you a quick result of visible on reducing to removing the saggy eye bags or wrinkles, as it has the main features of treating wrinkles. 

Anti-aging Effects

Provides an age rewind effect after using this Dermaquick Youth Cream. As when the wrinkles and eye bags were being reduced to remove, you will look younger on the appearance, performs an age rewinding result with a youthful look. 

Improved Formula with 3 Main Ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate, Physcomitrrella, and Oligopeptite -1 as the main 3 ingredients that effectively treat our skin to soothe dehydration, and boost the cells to reduce the wrinkles on our skin. 

Easy Penetrate Formula Cream

The cream is formulated with particles that easily penetrate into human skins, reaching our layers and layers of skin and perform the treatment of rejuvenating the skin cells, and creates a tightened and hydrated, plump skin. 

Hydro Booster

Wrinkles mostly happen when the skin is dehydrated, as this cream also helps to hydrates the skin in the deep skin layer, create hydro booster effects. 

Instructions of Use:

*Test it on your arm or wrist for sensitive skin check*

1. Cleanse and apply toner to make sure the pores are opened and ready to absorbs more effectively. 
2. Apply few drops under the eyes, use the fingertips to massage around the eyes repeatedly.
3. Make sure the direction of the massage is to lift the corner of the eyes, to enhance the effect of the lifting.  
4. Apply other moisturizers as usual. 
5. Use it twice a day. 


Name: Dermaquick Youth Cream
Suitable for: All skin type
Treatments on: Dark eye circle, Eyebags, Wrinkles/Fine Lines
Net Weight: 1g per tube

Available Packages:

  • Single Pack ( x1) 
  • Value Pack ( x3 with 20% offer )
  • Super Value Pack ( x5 with 30% offer )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. My skin is sensitive, will it cause any redness or any side effects?

Answers: No. It will not cause any side effects, as it contains active ingredients that help to rebuild the damaged cells and perform its healthy layers. 

2. How long does it can last? Can I use it for my makeup purpose?

Answer: It can last long up to 8 hours. Recommended to use it twice a day. You may use it before your makeup to show flawless skin be used. 

3. Will it fix my eye bags? My eyebags has been with me for years, it also came with dark eye circles that are troubling me... 

Answer: Yes. Especially for eye bag treatments as well, using it as eye moisturizers or eye cream, you can see a visible difference of less visible on eye bags and the wrinkles around the eyes. There are also whitening effects on the dark eye circle problem too!

4. Is it safe to use? I am 74 years old, does it works on me as well?

Answer: Yes! It is suitable on every skin, and has no age limits! It works to lifting up the skin, showing a bouncy and plumping effect on your skin layers. 

5. Does it also works on other skin parts?

Answer: Yes. It works on other skin parts, of uplifting effects! 

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