Jumbo Hair Fiber
Jumbo Hair Fiber
Jumbo Hair Fiber
Jumbo Hair Fiber
Jumbo Hair Fiber
Jumbo Hair Fiber
Jumbo Hair Fiber

Jumbo Hair Fiber

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Fill your blank space on your top with this natural made hair fiber. No more worrying about having the look of lost hair on your top. With this Jumbo Hair Fiber, you are now can walk confidently outdoor with the thick mass volume of hair.

Made by natural plant fiber, the hair fiber able to attach to your original hair or scalp and happened with a look of thick hair. But not to worry! It will hold still all day long unless you wash it away. 


Instant Mass Volume

Make your hair look with mass volume available with this hair fiber. Works by attaching the hair fiber on original hair and scalp to create a look of mass volume of hair.

Natural Ingredients

Naturally made by plant fiber, so it is totally safe to use and even make your hair look naturally thick.

Stays Still

Stays still on top, for up to 24 hours. Added on with setting spray could even extend the usage of the hair fiber on the hair. 


Do not worry on unable to take off from the. This naturally plants hair fiber is washable, with a normal cleansing underwater run. 

Quick and Easy

It is quick to apply and easy to use. Use it quick even outdoor in a public washroom, and just put on the hair fiber will do. 

How to use:

1. Style your original hair properly or use the comb to split the area that you wished to cover. 

2. Test the spray head availability with a few pumping on the worst before using it. For without the spray head, pour on your back of your hand to make sure of the availability of the bottle. 

3. Apply the Jumbo Hair Fiber in two ways:

a) Standard Pack: Pour on the area that you wished to cover up. Clean the area if you missed the area.

b) With Spray Head:  Spray on the area that you wished to cover with care. Make sure to clean the rest of the area when it accidentally sprayed on the wrong area.

4. Comb your hair to mix the fiber together. Put on setting spray to enhance the stay.


a) Net Weight: 27.5g/0.97oz

b) With Spray head

c) Nine Colours available

Package availability:

  • Standard Pack
  • Full Set ( One bottle Hair Fiber, One Spray Head and One Card Topping)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Does it hurt my hair or my scalp?

A: It won't because it is made with natural ingredients and definitely safe for usage.

2. Will it help me to grow hair?

A: It is a hair fiber that helps to emergency fix the empty space of the head, but not as a booster to stimulates the scalp for hair growth. 

3. Will it rub/fall off?

A: With the use of hair setting spray, you are possible to let it stays on up to 24hours.

4. How do I clean it?

A: Clean the hair fiber under running water before cleaning using shampoo.

5. Is it works on both men and women?

A: Of course. Jumbo Hair Fiber is suitable for everyone. 

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