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PORIEfy Clear

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Get ready for a simple easy deep proper cleanse with this trending cleanse mask - PORIEfy Clear!

The most trending cleanse mask on the internet is with us! Get rid of blackheads, oily skin, acne problems, or even reduce pimples breakouts, by giving a chance on your skin to breathe. Deep cleanse the skin layers especially unseen clogged pores, to hydrates and even whitening the skin.

Soothing, control oily breakouts, and take care of your skin well to a healthy condition. The improved formula with pure extracts mainly from Green Tea and Eggplants helps better in creating bouncy, healthy, and flawless skin. 

What We Can Do?

Purify Pores - Keep them breathe

Clogged pores are the reason causing oily skin, acne, and pimples breakouts. Keep your skin pores breathing by doing a deep cleansing, to clear out the pores and shrink the skin pores after using this clay mask.

Natural Extraction - No worries of irritation

Natural ingredients with an improved formula. Green tea extraction and eggplants are perfect for dealing with skin issues, leave no irritation or skin sensitivity after use.

Brightening with Hydration - No Fluorescent added

Our clay mask not only does the cleanse and hydration but also the whitening effect without Fluorescent added in that harmful to our skin. 

Easy Skincare Routine - No Mess skincare!

No messy skincare routine! Keep the complicated skincare routine away, one clay mask stick carries basic 3 steps in the skincare routine. Just apply it on the face and wipe it off once it is dried out with a wet towel. 


1. Wash your face properly with water and wipe the excessive water droplets away.
2. Apply PORIEfy Clear clay stick mask on the face when your skin is damp and pores were ready to clean. 
3. Wait for 10 minutes and wipe off the clay masks on the face with a wet towel. 
4. Wash your face again with water and apply moisturizers for additional hydration if needed. 


Package available: 

  • Green Tea PORIEfy Clear x 1
  • Eggplants PORIEfy Clear x 1
  • Mix Bundle Deals ( Green Tea PORIEfy Clear x 1, Eggplants PORIEfy Clear x 1 ( Extra 30% Off ) )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I need to do cleansing and toner before after the mask?
A: No, you do not need to do extra cleanse and toner, but you may add on moisturizer if you ever feel your skin needed extra hydration.

2. I have sensitive skin and redness... Does it help to reduce the irritation?
A: It may help to reduce the irritation of your skin, as the Green Tea extraction works as a soothing and calming effect. 

3. Eggplant? What eggplant can do in skincare?
A: Eggplant is one of the famous ingredients for skin hydration effect. It contains ingredients that perform a hydration-locking result. 

4. Will it clog the pores?
A: Definitely won't. It helps in cleaning the pores and even shrinks the pores to let you have a flawless, bouncy skin look. 

5. Can I frequently use for every day?
A: You are suggested to use it once in two days. The deep cleansing process shall not occur every day as it may be cause over-cleanse, create damage to the skin instead of the proper cleansing process. 

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