Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch
Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch
Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch
Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch
Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch
Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch
Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch

Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch

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Redeem smooth clear skin with Quick Clear Skin Tag Patch

Various skin problems now have a solution! A perfect patch used to removes skin tags, moles, heals acne, and more skin surface issues. Works by deep healing and ensure the skincare molecules being penetrates properly by the skin layers, to reach a healing process, rejuvenate new active cells to eliminates dead cells, causing skin tags to be gone. 

A small patch works the biggest effect on your skin, let you easily treat the skin issues. Patch on the skin to reach an effect that you wished to have. Enjoy smooth skin in time with just a patch today. 


Scarless Result - Fast Healing

Skin Tags, Moles, Warts or Acne Scars are able to improve to reduce, removes, and rejuvenate a layer of new skin cells, without leaving any marks but healthy and smooth skin. 


Gentle and Drug-Free

Gentle to skin, and drug free to allows skin cells regenerates naturally without chemicals supports. 

Protect Skin Surface from Air Pollution

Open air may filled wth unseen bacteria or pollution that may worsen the condition of acne scars, skin tags or moles. Reduce the direct exposure of infected area towards air, sunlight or air pollution. This patch works to protects the infected area to heals itself with more hygienic area. 

Invisible Patch and Waterproof

Invisible and Thin enough to perform a natural cosmetic look even with the patch on. Not to worry on sweating! It is waterproof enough to stay still on the surface even you are on outing. 

Easy and Effective

Easy to use by just patch it on the area that wished to heal. Effective enough to let the skin sit by and heal within time. 

How To Use:

1. Clean the surface of the infected area. 
2. Take a patch that suits the size of the infected area.
3. Patch on the area properly. 
4. Do not reuse the patch after taken down or wore for over 6 hours. 
5. Make sure to clean once again after the patch taken down. 


Material: Medical Use Grade Silicone
Amount: 36Pcs with 2 sizes available,1.2cm/0.8cm 

Packages Available:

  • Quick Clear Skin Tags Patch x 1 
  • Quick Clear Skin Tags Patch x 2
  • Quick Clear Skin Tags Patch x 3 ( Extra 30% Off )

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